Verified by BRE

Testing and classification was completed by the independent test house
BRE Watford UK
one of the largest fire research and testing laboratories in Europe.

Samples of our  FRARCH01 and FRARCH02 panels  were tested against the standard

Reaction To Fire BS EN 13501.1.2018

Both achieved Certification of

A2 s1 d0

There are 2 parts to the overall test configuration

EN ISO 1716:2018
Determination of the gross heat of combustion.

A sample of each material used in the panel was tested to determine the gross heat of combustion, also known as the calorific value. This value represents the maximum amount of thermal energy the material could contribute to a fire.

EN 13823:2020
Single Burning Item test

Pairs of panels were assembled into an internal corner configuration; a gas burner was then used to apply a heat flux to the panels. Various measurements were taken including the total quantity of smoke produced (TSP), the smoke growth rate (SMOGRA), and the rate of heat release from the panel (FIGRA).